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What does your business do?

Utility Warehouse save people time and money by providing all utilities on one simple, monthly bill.  There is also an opportunity to earn an extra income with Utility Warehouse.

What problem do you solve for your customers?

By bundling all services together, we can provide everything customers need in one. And the more services customers take, the more money they can save. As well as saving money, this can also save people time for the important things in life!

Utility Warehouse also provide an opportunity to earn money as a partner, for those needing a little extra, or indeed for those needing an income altogether.

Who are your target customers?

The customers I would like to reach out to, are those looking to make their lives simpler and hassle free with regards to their utilities. I would also like to reach out to those who are looking for a new venture, or those who need an extra income. This opportunity works really well around children, so I would be particularly interested in reaching out to mums who would like to earn around their children.

What is your biggest achievement in business?

I reached my first qualification within my first two weeks of joining as a partner with Utility Warehouse- all during lockdown and whilst juggling another part time job and two young children!

Why did you join BRG?

I joined BRG as lockdown has provided a few hurdles in meeting new people in order to grow my business. I believe the way BRG works is great and I am keen to be part of the group and support other businesses as well as grow my own.

How has BRG helped you and your business?

I am hoping BRG will help me build confidence in promoting my business. I would also like to be able to grow my customer base, as well as introduce others to the opportunity

What are your passions / interests outside of work?

I have two small children, who take up a lot of my time. So I like to keep them entertained with various walks and activities. I enjoy keeping fit and pre-children, completed Brighton marathon back in 2016, along with a number of half marathons. I also enjoy baking (hence needing to exercise!!) and have made most of my friends’ wedding cakes so far!

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