Chris Badger


All types of finance for limited companies, partnerships and sole traders. Car finance for private individuals and companies, hire purchase or leasing. 


07585 308988



What does your business do?

We are commercial finance consultants arranging finance for vehicles (new and second hand), machines and systems through hire purchase, business loans including the Governments Corona Virus loan schemes, commercial mortgages, leasing and property development finance.

What problem do you solve for your customers?

We deal with all your business financing needs and have relationships with most lenders in the UK. We have particular expertise in asset finance (normally hire purchase) obtaining brilliant deals with funders for our clients. In most cases we can offer a far cheaper deal than through dealers and we manage the whole process to asset delivery or funds in your bank account.

Also car hire purchase and leasing finance for companies and private individuals.

Who are your target customers?

 Target customers – businesses looking to replace or increase their fleet of vehicles. Companies looking to raise secured and unsecured business loans for any business reason. Helping property developers finance projects.

What is your biggest achievement in business?

I obtain a lot of satisfaction assisting businesses access the financing they need and perhaps have been declined by their own business bankers.

Why did you join BRG?

To join a group of motivated and talented business owners who work together to create a community that supports each other in business.

How has BRG helped you and your business?

I have received regular referrals from members in the group as well as referring my clients to contacts made. The members are a great bunch and I am confident referring them as experts in their field to my clients.

What are your passions / interests outside of work?

 I enjoy socialising with family and friends and training our new labrador puppy, Joey. I am really interested in cars and motorsport and enjoy keeping fit.

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