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What does your business do?

We give businesses visibility and understanding of their financial information, in as close to real time as possible. Working as a partner with business owners to understand their needs, goals and ambitions, and helping them to realise them. We add value first and foremost, not as an optional extra but as the core service offering. We also do less interesting things like accounts and tax.

What problem do you solve for your customers?

We provide a modern, proactive service rather than the traditional, reactive approach. This helps to identify potential issues ahead of time, giving our clients the opportunity to face those issues head on before they become a problem.

Who are your target customers?

Business owners who have an ambition to achieve more success in their life, in whichever way they personally define that success.

What is your biggest achievement in business?

My biggest achievement to date has been the sustained growth of the business every year for the past 8 years, due to nothing more than client satisfaction, retention and word of mouth, allowing the business to increase from a few hours in an evening alongside my previous day job, to becoming an employer of a team of accountants and bookkeepers, without compromising on the personal client relationships built over those years.

Why did you join BRG?

I personally wanted to meet and be introduced to like-minded business owners, in a way where we could share thoughts, ideas and provide support to one another, and where business relationships can be meaningfully built.

How has BRG helped you and your business?

Being a member of BRG has expanded the scope of services I can discuss with existing and potential clients and has opened new avenues for support we might not have previously explored.

What are your passions / interests outside of work? 

Spending quality time with the family and trying my best to be active and healthy (I have 2 young children to keep me on my toes). I watch a lot of films, and I might play some PS4 once in a blue moon.

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