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What does your business do?

Make a way for businesses to grow by providing them with a range of support services that make the business more efficient and productive

What problem do you solve for your customers?

We look at the business as a whole and look for areas where support is needed to enable growth. We support businesses with PA support, HR toolkits including software, IT support, strategic sales development, marketing strategy and implementation and business management support. We can provide one or all services to a growing business in a bespoke package that helps move the business to their next growth milestone. Not only do we show you the way to growth, we make the way happen with our hands-on support.

Who are your target customers?

Start-up businesses, small to medium sized businesses.

What is your biggest achievement in business?

Setting up my business and having the confidence to work for myself. My biggest achievement in my business when clients come to me overwhelmed by the necessary tasks for running their business. I come into what may feel like chaos for the client and it’s for me to assess. what has happened, what should have happened and then how to make that happen. The satisfaction of seeing a relieved and grateful client who knows everything is in order, running smoothly and efficiently is a huge buzz.

Why did you join BRG?

The group is so welcoming and supportive, always happy to give advice and celebrate wins alongside you.

How has BRG helped you and your business?

It is getting me referrals and work which is helping me establish my business and network of connections in the local community

What are your passions / interests outside of work?

I love to sing and spend quality time with my family, trash tv and reading a good book.

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